Product & Services

Based on the finacial viability and compliying Bangladesh Bank (central bank) regulations, UBICO offers the following financial facilities and services to any eligible entrepreneur/enterprises:

Loan Product:

  • Term loan:
    • 3 to 7 years period
    • fixed or variable interest rate
    • collateral security of fixed assets
  • Syndication Loan
  • Working Capital Loan
  • Lease Loan
  • SME loan

Equity and Quasi Equity:

  • Common Equity :
    • minority stake for a limited period
    • voting rights and seat on the board
    • Clear exit provision
  • Pre IPO financing
  • IPO participation
  • Preferred Stock
  • Convertible Bond

Statement of Fee, Charge, Commission

Item Amount (Tk) Remarks
Fee for conducting due diligence of the client 200,000.00 As and when applicable
Fee for preparing Information Memorandum (IM) 500,000.00 do
Fee for preparing legal documents 200,000.00 do
Commission on raising fund through syndication 1% of total fund raised do
Transfer price at the time of expiry of lease 3% of leased amount do
Late payment fee 0.50%-2% of installed amount Discretionary
Early payment fee 0.50%-2% of amount paid Discretionary
Loan documentation charge 5000.00 Existing practice
Miscellaneous Discretionary