Bilateral & Corporate Affairs

  1. a) Bilateral Affairs:
  • An investment protection and tax exemption agreement has been signed between the Government of the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh during the official visit H.E. Sheikh Hasina Honerable Prime Minister of Bangladesh in January 2011.
  1. b) Corporate Affairs:
  • The company has successfully installed on-line Credit Information Bureau reporting program with the Central bank of Bangladesh which will have access with all the Bank and Financial Institution of Bangladesh.
  • The company has successfully recovered 80% of its equity investment.
  • The board has constituted an Audit committee to review its activities regularly.
  • The company extended training facilities to its staff members.
  • The board meeting of the company took place recently where several investment proposal were considered and approved.
  • Recently the company has concluded its EGM and AGM in Dhaka.
  • The board has approved to make a provision of 37.5% stock dividend.
  • The company has successfully executed two investment deal for SME finacing and Poultry expansion financing project.