Top Management of UBICO:

Mr. M. M. Mostafa Bilal, Managing Director (Current Charge)

Mr. Md. Faruk Hossain, Head of Finance & Company Secretary

Mr. Md. Ataur Rahman, Head of General Services

Various Committees:

As part of corporate governance, the following committees has been formed to look after the management affairs of the company:

  • Management Committee
  • Credit Risk Committee
  • Internal Control and Compliance Committee
  • Anti-Money Laundering Committee
  • ICT Management Committee
  • Asset Liability Management Committee
  • Human Resource Management Committee
  • SME Finance Committee

Corporate Compliance:

With some inherited special provision, the company is a fully compliant financial institution under the following rules and regulation of Bangladesh:

  • The Companies Act 1994 and other related laws
  • Financial Institution Act 1993 and Financial Institution Rules 1994
  • Income Tax Ordinance 1984 and other related laws
  • Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank) circulars and Guidelines
  • Bangladesh Labor Act 2006

Reporting Compliance:

  • Monthly , Quarterly and Yearly reporting to ADFD
  • Reporting to the Ministry of Finance of Government of Bangladesh
  • Weekly, Monthly , Quarterly half Yearly and Yearly reporting to the Central Bank of Bangladesh
  • Reporting to the Tax authority of Bangladesh
  • Reporting to the Directorate

Audit Compliance:

  • Internal Audit ADFD
  • Statutory Audit under Companies Act 1994
  • Central Bank Audit, a) Special Audit, b) Core Risk management Audit