Share Holders

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development(ADFD) : 60%
Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh (GoB) : 40%

Board of Directors:
The Company has a Five members board of Directors to which ADFD nominates the Chairman and two other members, the Government of Bangladesh nominates the Dy. Chairman and other member. Present members of Board are as below:

– Mr. Khalil Fadhel Almansoori – Chairman
– Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Salim Ullah – Deputy Chairman
– Mrs. Mushfeka Ikfat – Director
– Mr. Mohammed Farooque Shaikh – Director
– Ms. Alya Abdullah Al Suwaidi – Director

Board Meetings:
Board meets four times in a year.

Audit Committee:
The board has constituted an audit committee with the following members:
– Mr. Mohammed Farooque Shaikh – Chairman
– Mrs. Mushfeka Ikfat – Member
The committee meets regularly to maintain its responsibilities.